How To Make Sportswear Luxe Work For Your Body Shape

Feb 10 2018by Kate Russell

The sportswear luxe look has been one of the hottest street styles for the past year and for 2018 it’s set to be a top player in women’s latest clothing trends. From chic, striped cigarette trousers to full tracksuits, the sportswear trend is a look that wins for a casual, modest outfit.

Bloggers and fashion influencers globally are taking over social media platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, with a plethora of sportswear luxe outfit ideas. Here are some of our favourite looks, here at Modisme.





Although a full tracksuit is on-trend, to create a real street style vibe, teaming sports items with juxtaposing, dressy pieces is one of our favourite ways to wear the look. Pairing an oversized hooded sweatshirt with a chic, midi skirt and heels, or tracksuit trousers with heels and a dressy, statement jacket, will really help you to nail the trend.

Like all fashion styles, sports luxe suits some body shapes better than others. However, there are always specific pieces to flatter every shape. As many of this looks items are oversized, some body shapes need to be careful they don’t drown their figures with too much fabric.

Here, we take a look at some of the best sports luxe pieces to try for each body shape to get your inspiration flowing for this hot trend.



Apples look great in flared and boot cut trousers, so the flared tracksuit bottoms look from this trend works fabulously. Ensure you opt for a pair with a sporty stripe down the leg or try these chic, black joggers with split front for extra flare. Apples are best to avoid bulky hooded jumpers, instead try a slimmer-line performance jacket, like this The Upside bomber, which keeps shoulders slim and skims the bust and tummy areas for a flattering shape. Pair with a long-line coat, thrown over the shoulders and heels.



Tommy Hilfiger Pant | | £140

Cheap Monday Bottoms | | £40

The Upside Jacket | | £149



shapes can be emphasised by high-waisted trousers, so go for a super high waist and a tapered bottom, which will help to create the illusion of wider hips, and therefore a curvier figure. A more fitted, leggings shape would also work here, but ensure you keep to high waisted. This cropped Puma sweatshirt cuts off at the waist with a black band, which makes the waist look smaller and will sit just over a high waisted trouser. The volume at the top, will also help to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.



Miss Selfridge Trouser | | £25

Gucci Leggins | | £690

Puma Sweatshirt | | £45



The cone (or inverted triangle) shape needs extra volume towards the bottom to help balance out the figure. So, the best sports luxe look for this shape would be super wide-leg trousers with a sporty twist. Alternatively, this is the best shape to go for harem, or voluminous trousers, which with sweatpants is the easiest shape to find right now. Keep tops fitted and slim-line, like this chic, printed sweatshirt from Noisy May.



Valentino Wide Trousers | | £1145

LNDR Jogging Bottoms | | £135

Noisy May Print Sweat | | £28



Pear shapes want to emphasise the waist, so high and mid waisted trousers are key. Straight legs work best for this shape and there are lots straight-cut sporty trousers to choose from at the moment. Go for tops and jackets with some added detail on the sleeve and at the waist to enhance your shape, like this Adidas by Stella McCartney jacket with ruffle detail.



Pinko Sweatpants | | £180

Stradivarius Trouser | | £29.99

Adidas by Stella McCartney Jacket | | £160



Hourglasses look amazing in high-waisted trousers, so opt for full-length or cropped but keep the volume throughout the leg. A fitted top, exaggerating the waist always looks great on this shape, however blazers rule for an hourglass, so why not try the street style layered look with hoodie and blazer over the top. Perfect for this style.



Koche Trousers | | £340

Fenty X Puma Bottoms | | £145

Maison Labiche Hoodie | | £105


Whatever body shape your figure is closest to, there is a sports luxe look perfect for you. Create a new look for yourself today and throw on a pair of stilettos with some relaxed fit tracksuit bottoms, for the trendiest and most comfortable look in fashion right now. Check out some hints and tips from our Mod stylists to find out what shapes you should be picking out to pair with your new sportswear. Show us your favourite sports luxe look, by tagging us on Instagram with #modismeloves