London Modest Fashion Week: What You Need To Know

Feb 27 2018Eveningby Kate Russell

Following the end of London’s Fashion Week event last week, this year’s Modest Fashion Week has also come to a close. Having garnered much press and attention on the lead up to the event, which showcases modest fashion stores and designers in the UK’s capital, reviews on the weekend have been divided.

Although the event has received some criticism on organisation, attendance and diversity in model shapes and sizes, there was certainly a highlight when it came to attendee’s super-chic street style. Captured by Vogue, there was a plethora of cool, young fashionista’s taking over Modest Fashion Week and making the mainstream fashion world take notice.

Here are a few of our favourite modest street style looks from the event.





From statement earrings to vinyl trenches and faux fur galore, the street style looks making an appearance at LMFW rivalled those attending the mainstream London Fashion Week shows. Our Modisme stylists loved seeing the new and unique ways these fashion-forward ladies were styling their hijabs and using extra coverage to work to their advantage.


IMAGE: Instagram @sheimatheexplorer


Joining the event was model and modest fashion icon, Mariah Idrissi, who both modelled during the weekend event and spoke in panel discussions about “commodification of religion and trends in modest fashion” and, also “the role of influencers in young women’s lives”.

Later, Mariah took to Instagram to share some images of her in action at the event and promoting her involvement in the #beyourownpro campaign, empowering professional women from all backgrounds in sharing a joint message about modesty, fashion and day-to-day life.



Hijabi wearing mainstream fashion model, Mariah Idrissi, modelling for SH Studios at LMFW.



London Modest Fashion Week hit the headlines for one of their less expected, but none-the-less high-profile attendees, Lindsay Lohan. Wearing a hijab, Lindsay has been reported to have converted to Islam over the last few months in the press. Photographed with modest designer, Zeynep Kartal (below), Lindsay attended the designers AW18 show wearing a baseball cap with hijab, accompanied with high-neck leather look dress, black tights and heels.



So, what’s next for London Modest Fashion Week?

Well, for the first time, this year we will see London Modest Fashion week hit the UK twice in one year. Back to London in September 2018 for the next event, LMFW follows the mainstream fashion calendar, showcasing for the next spring/summer season.

Taking an important change in direction for Septembers LMFW, there will be at least three mainstream fashion brands showcasing at the event. These brands do not define themselves as modest fashion labels, however, attempt to specifically cater to this market in a big way within their collections. Watch this space for the announcement of these brands.

With a suggestion of a possible collaboration with London Fashion Week in the future, there are distinct signs of the continued partnership between modest fashion and mainstream fashion. For now, Modisme closes this LMFW with excitement for the next season and enthusiasm to see what will happen next in the modest fashion industry. Follow us on #Instagram to keep up.