Mod Woman - Meet Anum Bashir

Mar 10 2018by Kate Russell


She’s a fan of a bold statement jacket, all things vintage and stealing clothes straight from her husband’s wardrobe. Anum Bashir is the fashion-loving lifestyle influencer of the moment in the Middle East and is making waves much further afield due her write-ups in Vogue, Suitcase, Matches Fashion and Harper’s Bazaar, to name but a few.




Anum is an Instagram influencer, blogging sensation, artistic and fashion director and brand consultant, currently living in Doha in the Middle East. She started her journey graduating with a MA in Information and Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moving onto New York City. Returning to Doha in 2011, she had learned a lot about city life and it’s influences in lifestyle and fashion.


When she started her blog in 2014, she would not know how Desert Mannequin would change her life completely. The success of the blog has meant Anum now links with brands throughout the Middle East and further, working closely with emerging labels and collaborating with established designers both creatively and within marketing.



The Desert Mannequin blog is all about artistic interest, as well as fashion moments, beauty tips and trials, travel articles and a section called Discussion, wherein Anum talks all things topical in current pop culture. With the ultimate goal to offer a fully-fledged service in brand and fashion consultancy for designers, Anum had leveraged herself to expert status throughout her years in the business.


In conjunction with the Desert Mannequin blog, Anum has built the @desertmannequin Instagram up to a whopping 50 thousand followers. Focusing mainly on fashion within her Instagram images, Anum doesn’t stick to the latest clothing trends, but rather incorporates these trends into her own, very personal sense of style.


Her selfies include lots of wide-leg, cropped jeans, bold blazers and perfectly coordinating accessories, which build into her “statement minimalistic” style. Her look is casual but overtly memorable, giving her a very cool-girl edge, loved by her followers and, of course, our Modisme stylists.


Here are some of our favourite Anum Bashir Insta looks, so far:



Anum admits to owning a huge collection of blazers, which are a key staple to her wardrobe. Seen throughout her Instagram in deep turquoise velvet or plaid or even pinstripes, Anum pulls together outfits with the staple shaped jacket, as she likes to always “balance the masculine with the feminine”. In a similar way, she loves to style chunky trainers with cute dresses or a tailored trouser suit with pretty, super-high stilettos.


Whether she’s in a photoshoot with her artist and photographer husband or consulting for a new, emerging brand in the Middle East, Anum Bashir is surely one to watch within the styling industry. She has her own, unique sense of style, thousands of followers on social media and a brand catalogue to rival most. Here at Modisme, we will be watching with bated breath to see where this perfectly dressed fashionista goes next in her career.