Mod Woman: Meet Neelam

Dec 04 2018


Modisme has been taking a break from bringing you our Mod Woman of the week for a few months while we worked on bringing you the best website possible for all your modest fashion shopping. However, this week, we’re back and bringing you a seriously stunning Mod Woman to make up for lost time.


If you’ve not heard of Neelam Hakeem yet, get ready to become a fully-fledged fan of her music, her message and her unique twist on modest dressing.



This week, we chatted to Neelam about all things modest style and discussed everything from her favourite three fashion pieces to getting spotted and shared on Instagram by the likes of Diddy, Will Smith and Wesley Snipes.


Surprisingly, Neelam only started her rapping career a year ago and her first posted video on You Tube was her first ever experience in the world of music. With an intended message for her listeners to give a voice to those without one and ensuring each lyric is a true reflection on the real world, Neelam captured thousands of music lover’s attention. Now, finding herself directly in the spotlight, her Instagram has a massive following of upwards of 327,000 fans.

One quick scroll down Neelam’s Instagram page is enough to inspire any modest dresser.


Experimentation with colour and prints, the chicest accessories on the block and a headscarf technique for every day of the week, this LA-based star knows how to both cover up and stand out for all the right reasons.


When asked to describe her style, Neelam says, “I’m honestly very dynamic with my style because it really depends on my mood or the occasion. However, modesty is at the root of all my selections. I know everyone has a different definition of modesty but for me, I just stay true to myself.”



“I think choice is extremely important. I think knowing that you can be versatile and be yourself and be modest is important. You can cover up and still be dynamic.”


One of our favourite things about Neelam’s style is her ability to style her hijab in such an array of on-trend, yet eternally classic looks. Having made the decision to start wearing a hijab only a year ago when she realised how many options you can create with a headscarf, Neelam describes how choice is key to knowing you can dress modestly whilst remaining authentically yourself.


We asked Neelam to pick her top three fashion items and here’s what she just couldn’t live without!


A Two-Piece Set


On-trend, full of statement print and finished with a pop of colour, this rapper knows how to rock a bold two-piece set.


A Dope Duster Jacket


The perfect finishing touch to any look, from formal to denim, a floor-sweeping duster jacket can effortlessly transform a modest outfit.


Dope Earrings


The most stylish partner to a perfectly wrapped hijab, statement earrings come as standard when it comes to Neelam’s go-to style.


So, what’s the most important aspect of modesty?


For Neelam, it’s all about how you carry yourself. “Modesty starts from within” and this means high moral standards and treating others well, whether you choose to cover from head to toe or not.


And for anyone struggling with their modesty and style choices? Neelam advises to let yourself be inspired everywhere. Modesty doesn’t just have to be religious in one form or another, but rather a choice and “just choosing to be modest already makes you unique!”.


With a goal to continue bringing inclusion in her diversity to the music game, Neelam inspires through her fashion choices, her lyrics and, arguably most importantly, her desire to represent alike girls in this fast-paced industry. We’ve spotted her in publications this year from Vogue to Pop Sugar and something tells Modisme, Neelam Hakeem is just getting started.